The themes of the debate

How do we move past short term profit ?

How do we reengage and empower employees ?

How do we contribute to the growth and well being of all employees ?

Our proposals


Our manifesto

Vertical, centralized, siloed… our work organization is outdated. The observation is general and the model is no longer a reference nor an inspiration for us business leaders nor for our employees.

The time of the company considered as a neutral structure and entirely dedicated to the search of profit and profitability seems a long way off...

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It is urgent to accelerate the transition of our companies towards shared governance


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Cap Collectif, partner of The NextGen Entreprise Summit, supports companies in their collective intelligence efforts by offering a methodology and a turnkey digital platform.

Statement of purpose, CSR commitments, strategic or transformation plans: mobilize the collective intelligence of your employees and stakeholders to renew their with trust and improve your financial and social-environmental performance !

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The NextGen Enterprise Summit aims to share the testimonials and know-how of pioneers from around the world in managerial innovation, and thus engage the organizations of today and tomorrow in the most formidable adventure: the expression of their collective intelligence and the fulfillment of their missions. For two days, professionals will be able to attend and/or participate in keynotes, round tables, debates and workshops, led by speakers from around 30 countries. In total, 600 opinion leaders and managers will be present at the NextGen Enterprise Summit, along with 50 specialists in managerial innovation from around the world to share feedback and best practices.

At the same time, the NextGen Enterprise Awards will reward projects in management, organization, governance and societal impact.

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